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Achilles Heel Training

100 Kasson Road

Camillus, NY 13031

Phone Number: 315-468-0792

Email Address: info@ahtgym.com

Website: www.ahtgym.com

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Gym Hours

Monday-Friday:  5am – 12pm     4pm – 7:30pm

Saturday: 7am – 11am

Sunday: Open for Yoga at 9:30am



why is there a $50 registration fee?

The $50 registraion fee is only required for new Group Exercise and Pillar registrations. It covers the monthly transaction fees that the bank charges AHT. This is a one time fee as long as you stay with us at AHT.

I cant book classes on mindbody and i have a membership?
I am interested in hiring a Personal Trainer at AHT, how do I begin that process?
  1. Personal Training is based on availability of trainer, first come, first serve basis. Schedule a free consultation with a fitness professional at AHT to begin the personal training process.
  2. We offer package deals of Personal Training where the client can choose from 30-minute sessions or 50-minute sessions. 
  3. Small Group Training sessions are also offered(2-6 people) at a discounted rate.
  4. Upon purchase all sales are final.
I can't book classes on mindbody and i have a membership?
  1. If you are on or near your pull date, pull date meaning the date that AHT withdraws from your account your monthly dues- you will not be able to book classes until that payment is received. Example: If your pull date falls on the 14th of each month, then you can book classes up until the 14th of each new month- however you cannot book past that date until payment is received.
I am a new member at AHT and I am having trouble booking classes on the Mindbody Application?
  1. Make sure that the email you used for the application is the same email that you gave us when you registered for your membership.
  2. Check that the name you gave us for your membership matches what you input into the Mindbody App. Example: You gave us Stephen, yet in the app you put Steve.. that will not work.
  3. Be sure to spell Achilles Heel Training correctly when searching for classes/gyms.
  4. Try uninstalling the app and reinstalling.
  5. If none of the above work, please see an AHT staff member.
I can't book classes on mindbody and i have a membership?
I booked a class at AHT, but now I cannot make it, how can I cancel?
  1. Go back into the Mindbody Application and go to the class that you originally booked and cannot make. Simply click on the BOOK button again, and that will bring you to a new page where you can easily un-book the class and open a spot for someone else.
  2. It is important to cancel as soon as you know you cannot make it, this allows someone who may be on the waitlist to be added to the class roster.
Does the Group Exercise class schedule change month to month? Why?
  1. Yes, the Group Exercise schedules changes slightly month to month based on class attendance, class popularity and simply change of programming. We try our best to keep our classes challenging, fun and innovative to ensure that YOU obtain the best results possible.
  2. When a new schedule is made you will find the changes on these sites: Mindbody Application, Our Website, Facebook, Instagram and via email.
Can I join the Pillar progrAM at any time?
  1. Our specialized Pillar Program requires a two-week training introduction, called Tyro. New Pillar members will be lead through Tyro Training prior to beginning the Pillar Program. New Pillar groups are typically offered at the beginning of each month. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about the Pillar Program and find out when the next Tyro group is beginning.
Can I put my Membership on hold, or can I freeze my membership?
  1. The only time AHT can hold or freeze memberships are for the following reasons; Injury or Illness- both situations will require a doctor’s note in order to freeze/hold.
  2. We typically hold or freeze memberships for 30-days unless the order calls for a longer duration of time.
Cancellation Policy

Both Pillar and Group Exercise memberships require the same cancellation policy. This information can also be found in your Membership Application when you first registered with us at AHT.

  1. Memberships must be cancelled by providing 30 days’ hand-written notice, in person. No email or over the phone cancellations will be accepted or approved by Achilles Heel Training, LLC. AHT is not responsible for late cancellation of direct debt arrangements.
  2. If your cancellation falls within a billing cycle, client will be charged (1) more payment before termination. Client will be allowed to continue to use the facility and its classes for that continued time.
  3. An early termination fee equal to half of the remaining monthly commitment will apply for memberships cancelled during the initial 3 month or 12-month commitment.
Do I have to become a member to do Personal Training?
  1. No, you do not have to purchase a membership to participate in Personal Training or Small Group Training at AHT.
I am interested in Nutritional Coaching; how do I begin that process?
  1. Nutritional Coaching is based on availability of  the coach. To begin this process, contact an AHT fitness professional to set up a free consultation.
Can I come and workout at AHT whenever I want? Or can I only workout in a class setting?
  1. Currently, we do not offer Open Gym to non-members. Members who have either the Pillar or Group Exercise memberships may workout on their own during our open hours. However, client’s workout cannot interfere with any regular scheduled classes. Classes and personal training sessions take precedence.
Paid In full memberships
  1. When you pay your membership in full you have fulfilled the contract for the year or 3 month commitment and we wave the $50 registration fee!
  2. Upon purchase all sales are final and no refunds will be issued.