Read on for some of the most commonly asked questions we’ve heard about re-opening.

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How is the facility different after re-opening?

Some of the most notable changes are the requirement of face coverings, your own training station (#traininplace) with individual hand sanitizing stations, prominent signage, and increased air flow through the facility. We are also providing your own clean towel, your own equipment, and equipment sanitizing spray.

How do I know my equipment has been sanitized when I get to my training station?

We have implemented a very strict disinfecting protocol after each class. We reserve 5 minutes at the end of training sessions for members to wipe down their own equipment, mats, and sweat. During this time, coaches monitor all members and inspect every station immediately after class. This way we remove the possibility of any cross contamination and ensure the highest standard of safety. 

I forgot my mask! Do you have extra PPE?

Yes. We are currently providing disposable face masks as needed.

I live with someone high-risk. What are you doing to minimize risk of COVID-19 transmission?

Our COVID-19 protocol has become the golden standard for group training sessions. Our model has been adopted by most gyms in NY because of its effectiveness in stopping transmission. As soon as you enter our facilities you will be prompted by signage to hand sanitize and spray the bottom of your shoes with disinfectant. After which, you follow the clearly labeled social distancing markers to our reception area where one of our coaches will take your temperature and record it in our system along with the # of the training station you will be in for that session. This allows for very precise contact tracing in case of any members who may have a positive COVID-19 case. Once the training session is complete members are required to wipe down all of their equipment with disinfectant. After hand sanitizing once more, members exit while social distancing out of a separate doorway and dump their towels in a hamper as they leave. New clean towels are laid out by our coaches for the next class.   


How big is my training station?

All of our training stations are 6′ x 8′. Allowing for maximal movement on all exercises. The distance between the outer edge of each station is 6′. Therefore, from the center of each station members are spaced out 12′ apart radially from other members.  

Have you had any gym transmitted COVID-19 cases?

Up to this point NO! We are closely following New York’s Sports and Recreation regulations which you can read about here. We are also self-imposing a guest capacity far below the state’s requirement to ensure that all our visitors can maintain a distance well above 6′ apart. 


If I am a Pillar member, can I bring a guest?

Yes, Pillar members are still welcome to use their once a month guest pass. It is completely free for first time visitors on a guest pass, and half-price for returning guest pass visitors.

Where can I go to take off my mask?

Outside would always be best or by our bathrooms. If you are able to maintain 12′ apart from those around you, discreetly pulling down your mask to take a sip of water is perfectly fine. Also, during more heart rate intensive workouts pulling the mask away from your face while you catch your breath is perfectly acceptable. 

Can I share my training station with someone if I live with them or they're my significant other?

If you are a Pillar member this is perfectly acceptable if you need a “spot” or you want to share some of our unique pieces of equipment. However, you must always confirm with a coach before the training session begins.